The New Football Blog Directory Is Up And Running

The Football Blog Directory has now been completely redesigned, revamped, and generally been turned into something altogether more shiny and new! More importantly, the directory has been re-programmed and re-structured to make it easier to access the blogs and categories you want, and also easier to update and keep up to date. As part of the redesign the directory has now moved from blogger and can be found at:

All of the original blog listings will remain on the old blogger site, but this site will no longer list new submissions, nor will it be maintained - so some links may no longer lead to active blogs. The old articles from the old site are all still available online. An index of all of the old articles can be found on the new site at:  index.php

Blogs can be submitted for inclusion in the new site at:

If you notice that your football blog was listed on this original site but no longer appears in the listings on the new site, then please get in touch with us, giving details of your active blog URL. It may well be that on the day your listing was due to be transferred over your blog may have been down and incorrectly assumed to no longer be working. Alternatively, it could be that your blog was listed under a custom domain name that has now expired, while the blog itself still remains online.

You can contact the Football Blog Directory at: